Change often produces an adverse reaction, as we struggle to hang on to the familiar. We can experience fear and resistance when shifting to a new reality. However, if we view the process of change as a necessary step in the evolution of ourselves, we will see that each crisis holds within it the potential for self-actualization and a deeper understanding of ourselves and life.

Whether it is a change in situation, role, relationship, or life view, we embark on a journey of transformation.

The challenge within transitions is to see them as avenues of potential growth; and, though not easy, are required for the evolution of ourselves, as we are each molded and shaped by our experience.

Do you desire to make a change in your life? Or have you been catapulted into a change due to an external circumstance?

Inward Bound will help you to navigate change from the inside out, finding meaning in your transition as you move through towards transformation.

At Inward Bound Coaching you will go on an inner journey to:

  • Understand the process of change from a mental, emotional, and physical perspective.
  • Learn a framework for change management.
  • Navigate your change with contemplative tools to come to a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Explore possibilities to move your life forward.
  • Feel supported and encouraged to make the changes you desire.
  • Participate in contemplative studies geared towards personal empowerment and transformation.


As a Life Transitions Coach, Linda assists clients in navigating their vision of change; a process of transition through to transformation, supporting her clients to create the synergy necessary to communicate between their external and internal realities, bringing about awareness, intention, and focus to overcome the fear of change and live in harmony with their true selves.

With a background in counseling and contemplative studies, Linda’s holistic approach is one that honours the mind, body, and spirit, as she holds the space for individually directed experience and insight.

Through her coaching practice, she combines yogic philosophy, along with various contemplative modalities to help her clients explore the intention behind all action; facilitating awareness of the spiritual through the physical.  As a Coach, Teacher of Yoga and Meditation, and Writer, she works to bring this inter-disciplinary study into the practice of daily life — both professionally and personally.



Inward Bound offers the following services:


Individual Life Transitions

Individual coaching sessions held in-person or via Skype to help support clients through a life change.

  • In-person, or via phone or Skype
  • $70.00 per session or 6 sessions for $400.00

Workshops/ Retreats

Inward Bound offers a unique workshop experience offering teachings on the topic of Changing from the Inside Out.  Combining yoga, meditation, teachings and reflective writing, participants are lead to explore the meaning of change and how it impacts their lives.

  • Please contact for more info.

Inward Bound

Inward Bound offers an integrative program, combining the contemplative modalities of meditation, yoga, reflective writing, along with Transitions Coaching aligning with your vision, and working to manifest the change you seek from the inside out.

This includes:

  • Private Yoga and Meditation sessions, along with Life Coaching sessions offer an introspective approach to change management.
  • On-going support via email between sessions
  • A custom designed program to encourage awareness and self-empowerment

$90.00 per session or 6 sessions for $500.00

On-line Courses

On-line courses to educate, motivate, support and encourage you in your self-development and personal growth.

  • On-line Classroom courses – TBA
  • Self-directed courses - TBA